‘Company swag’ is a term that has been floating around for decades but how many of us actually know what it stands for? I bet you didn’t know it stands for Stuff We All Get! Which sounds pretty boring right?


Company swag has the power to completely transform you company culture, and you could be sleeping on it! Employee ‘swag’ is just another word that we use for the promotional products that business use to promote and improve the visibility of their brand. They might be given to a company’s employees to improve company culture, to customers to build on their perceptions of the brand, and potential customers to improve brand recognition and engagement, as well to help drive sales.

The good news is these days there are thousands of swag products to pick from. But that’s unfortunately the bad news too, since swag isn’t a relatively new concept and there is now a huge choice of branded items out there, it can be tricky to find unique swag ideas that will actually impress your employees. After all, no one wants generic, every day boring swag items that don’t ignite any company pride or enthusiasm.

Here’s our list of good quality, long-lasting, popular and unique company swag items that will actually help to engage your employees and help them become ambassadors of your brand.

Sleeved notebook

We’re starting off with a classic with this one, but don’t be fooled, this is the perfect accessory that every employee need, but a lot more impressive.

This sleek design and practical size makes this notebook and sleeve a great swag idea. Every employee needs a notebook in their everyday life, but why stick with a flimsy binder pad when you can provide some luxury office swag with this one? With your own brand on the logo, this one definitely stands out amongst regular corporate gifts.

The details:

The notebook contains 64 sheets/128 sheets cream coloured lined 80gm/s FSC recycled paper. Inside you will find 1 big sleeve pocket, a phone pocket, 2 card slots and pen loop. Available in Black, Navy & Grey.

Fit watch

Tech accessories make some of the best swag ideas but this one stands out and will really impress your team!

Fitness enthusiasts will love this handy company swag idea! Fitness watches have been all the rage for the last couple of years, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Remote employees will really love this thoughtful gift that will encourage them to stay active during their WHF days. A must have if you want to show your new employees you value their wellbeing too!

The details:

Features include: Step count, calories, distance, multi-sport tracking alarm clock, heart rate tracking, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitor, calendar updates, make and receive calls, notifications: SMS, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Compatible with Android 4.4 and IOS 8.0 and above

5W Wireless Speaker

Great swag ideas go beyond something you can use just for work, and this one is a must have.

Portable speakers are a great way to get your branded swag out there. They make it super easy to share music at social occasions, so there’s a good chance your employee will take their handy speaker with your company logo on it to events and occasions with family and friends.

The details:

5W wireless speaker in a modern design. With BT 4.2 for easy connection. Battery 800 mAh that allows play time 4-5 hours. Operating distance 10 metres. With built in MIC for hands free calling. Available in white or black.

Berkeley IPX7 waterproof speaker

This impressive company swag idea will go down a storm. (It might even survive one too!)

The best swag ideas and swag items are the gifts that are as good as the ones you’d get from family and friends. This one might be even better and blows other cool swag ideas out the window! Not only is this a great idea for branded swag, but this waterproof speaker is super useful and looks great. Let your employees know you have the best company swag with this waterproof speaker!

The details:

Your speaker is IPX7 waterproof up to 1 metre deep and max 30 minutes. The 10W speaker has a massive bass supported by two subwoofers on both ends of the speaker.

Byron ENC earbuds

One of our favourite cool swag ideas has always been an awesome pair of earphones and these ones definitely impress!

With the option to feature your company logo, this company swag item will show your employees you care and make sure they’re ready for any business trip, commute to work or quiet time in the office.

The details:

The comfortable earbuds have up to 5 hours of listening time and the pocket size charging case allows up to 18 hours of playback. The IPX 4 rating makes the earbuds weather and sweat proof so no worries to take them outside. Available in three colours.

Freemond wireless ANC headphone

Another favourite from our company swag ideas list that will show your company’s commitment to making the working day easier for your team!

These headphones would be a great gift to send to remote employees who are at home taking calls all day long. The branded swag will help them feel like they’re in the office while they work remotely too!

The details:

The supreme ANC technology allows you to block out all unwanted noise to fully enjoy your music. The deep and clear audio makes you feel you never want to stop listening to your favourite music, podcast or video. The extra soft and comfortable cushions make you feel like you can wear it all day and beyond. The battery will keep you going for an impressive 20 hours play time. With premium quality MIC to answer calls. Available in white or black.

Fresno wireless headphone

The sleek design and colour choices will make these headphones a firm favourite for remote work!

Employees love kitting out there home office with the best equipment, so why not give them a hand with this serious swag item?

The details:

The twistable design makes them fit even better and the deep clear audio starts flowing to your ears. The battery will not let you down: 35 hours of non stop music , podcast or video. If someone calls you, simply answer it with the integrated mic. Available in Black, blue and white.

Blue-light blocking glasses

These are an essential self care company swag item that your employees will thank you for.

The best company swag ideas are often the ones that show you’re a business that cares about its employees, and these blue-light blocking glasses featuring your company logo will do just that!

The details:

Acrylic blue light blocking glasses that filter the amount of blue light coming from computer screens, tablets and mobile phones and decrease the amount of blue light your eyes have to process. Wearing blue light glasses helps against dry eyes, blurry vision and eye strain. Perfect in the office or at home.

Bamboo 4.000 mAh wireless 5W Powerbank

How cool would you company logo look on this company swag item?

Powerbanks will always be an essential tool for anyone who’s working from home, on the move or just like’s to stay connected wherever they go!

The details:

Eco 4.000 mAh powerbank made out of natural and sustainable bamboo. Supports 5W wireless charging and charging via USB port by cable. When fully charged it will provide you with enough energy to re-charge your mobile phone up to two times

10.000 mAh Solar Powerbank with 10W Wireless Charging

This solar charger is an impressive sustainable swag item that your employees will love!

Eco friendly products like this company swag item will show your employees more about the organisational values and beliefs.

The details:

This 10.000 mAh IPX5 solar fast wireless powerbank is perfect for having power on the go wherever you are on your adventures. The powerbank supports both charging via cable (type C and USB) as via the 10W wireless fast charger. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up.

5W Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

A desk lamp and a charger?

You won’t see a more reasonable price for one of these, and this one will have your company logo on it so your employees can create an office away from the office!

The details:

ABS material lamp with integrated wireless charger to update your desk to the next level. Simply place your phone on the base of the lamp to charge your phone wirelessly.The light can be activated by the touch button on the lamp. The LED lamp has a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. Includes 150cm micro cable. Compatible with all QI enabled devices like android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up.

Bamboo 5W wireless charger with pen holder

We absolutely love when portable chargers do more than charger, and this serious swag item is exactly what we were looking for!

Another desk accessory must-have for remote workers!

The details:

Update your desk with this super convenient wireless charger. Made from natural bamboo this wireless charger integrates perfectly on your desk or in your living room. The wireless charger is a 5W charger and comes with a 150 cm PVC free TPE micro USB cable to connect it to your USB power source. The pen holder is convenient to store small objects to keep your desk clean and organised. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up

Pen holder USB charger

This is another great choice for branded swag that will be used all the time!
The details:

Keep your desk clean and your devices charged with this modern desk charger. Comes with 4 USB(4.8A) ports and one type C 2.0 port to charge the latest generation mobile devices.

Power notebook 3.000 mAh

Your employees will be able to write their daily notes and charge their phone at the same time!

Can someone get us one of these too? We LOVE branded items that do more than meets the eye and can’t wait to get our hand of one of these ourselves.

The details:

This fabric notebook contains 128 pages of 80 gsm cream coloured paper and a built in power bank with 3000 mAh. Comes with handy see-through window phone pocket (15 x 8cm) which allows you to view and access your device anytime. Output: 5V/1AWrite your daily notes and charge your phone at the same time! This fabric notebook contains 128 pages of 80 gsm cream coloured paper and a built in power bank with 3000 mAh. Comes with handy see-through window phone pocket (15 x 8cm) which allows you to view and access your device anytime. Output: 5V/1A

Branded Jasmin Candle

We’ve talked about a lot of the best tech company swag ideas but this is a create self care gift you should include in your swag bags or custom swag boxes!

This smells amazing and is a good way to switch off and wind down in the evening with the good vibes and lovely scent.

The details:

Create warmth and cosiness in your home with this Ukiyo scented candle. Enjoy the subtle jasmin scent that is released. The scented candle comes in an elegant jar with bamboo lid.  Available in white and black.

Branded Hoodie

Ok, we know what you’re thinking, “A hoodie, really?” But the fact is, everyone still loves them!

As long as you pick a good quality, reliable manufacturer, your employees will wear their team swag jumper on business trips, on the school run, to the shops and for drinks on Friday. A much better option than a t-shirt! It is still winter after all…

Ok, so you now have this list of the best company swag ideas – but what one do you pick? Which ones go well together? Should you add anything alongside your corporate swag ideas? There’s still a lot of unanswered questions! Well let us help you out..

We can take any of these products and combine them with your brand to create the perfect HappySwag! Take your brand offline and watch your culture grow when you add company branding to products that everyone will want to show off.

Add your swag items to your custom swag boxes that are full of bespoke items for the full appreciation package!

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