Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday in March and is a day that encourages companies to thank their employees for all their hard work and effort. It’s a great opportunity for employers to show recognition to their staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Even though we are STRONG believers that employee appreciation should be part of a recognition program that is in operation throughout the year, we love the idea of Employee Appreciation Day and the reminder to give credit where credit is due.

Being recognised for a job is a great indication you’ve done something correct and when employees feel that their work is appreciated, they will feel more positive about their role and the company as a whole. Everyday businesses are coming up with more creative ways to give recognition and rewards to their staff, and you wouldn’t want to be the company to fall behind.

Why Employee Appreciation Matters

A study from EachPerson found that when asked what would make them feel more valued in the workplace, 51% of employees said a simple thank you. An even higher 86% of employees say recognition makes them feel happier at work. Here’s a few of the top reasons why employee appreciation matters:

·     When we show each team member appreciation for their own hard work it can encourage employees to notice positive attributes in each other. This can be great for company culture and overall team success as employees recognise each other’s efforts.

·     Employees feel appreciated when they receive regular praise which can be a powerful motivator for productivity.

·     Expressing appreciation can increase employee morale and loyalty with the workplace which can help with employee retention

·     Showing appreciation to employees has been proven to reduce workplace stress and absenteeism from increased engagement which can lead to less stress-related sick days.

Circero study found that well-recognised employees have better work relationships, more drive and determination and stronger connections to their company. Another from Capita that 34% of employees believe being appreciated, thanked, or recognised for their work is the most valuable workplace benefit after a pay rise.

The pandemic has intensified a need for a stronger employee recognition and appreciation, especially as we continue to operate with remote and flexible working options in place. We need to acknowledge and appreciate our remote works for these main reasons:

·  To avoid feelings of isolation in new remote workers, managers need to continue to recognise employee contributions remotely to reassure long-term security of their jobs and viability of the company

·  Kindness and empathy need to be part of the recognition and appreciation efforts. Be creative with the company’s approach to recognition and allow employees to show their gratitude in the moment in a way that is fun, convenient, and accessible.

·  Adding a reward element to recognition and appreciation can make it much more meaningful and build on the company culture.

So let’s get into it! Here’s the best employee appreciation day ideas that you can use to celebrate with your remote team:

Have a Virtual Happy Hour

Hosting an office or work happy hour is the perfect way to do show remote workers and virtual employees that they are appreciated!

It can be hard to let your hair down at work, especially if you’re a new employee. Having social events outside of office hours allows employees to really relax which can make it much easier for people to open up and get to know each other. When employees become closer outside of work and spend time together, it can help them become more confident to work together at work. Collaboration and teamwork is a great way to keep employees engaged and can encourage peer-to-peer recognition too! Happy hours sound very appealing, so offering that perk and reward for your company is a great way to attract and retain new employees. It creates a better incentive for potential employees to apply for a job within the organisation.

Virtual Trivia Game

This is the perfect activity for having some fun and can make a fantastic virtual event to play with your remote team on Employee Appreciation Day!

Whether it’s a company trivia quiz or a general knowledge one, quizzes are easy to set up and avoid the hassle of needing equipment like other board and card games. There are loads of questions online so you don’t even have to come up with some yourself! Adding a fun game to your Employee Appreciation Day event gives your remote staff a great chance to bond when they work together over video call and Zoom. It instils a sense of healthy competition and including local trivia questions or company ones can encourage virtual employees to learn about the company while they play!

Virtual Employee Recognition Team Charades

Charades is a favourite in most households so why not include it in your virtual celebration? You could send a bottle of something to their home or even just snacks to make this virtual team event more memorable.

Everyone’s played charades before, and it can be a great ice breaker to get your virtual employees to wind down and relax! This is another game that could be done in groups or every man for themselves. Remote work could be difficult for employees who are used to being in an in-person work environment, so make sure to revisit this quick and easy.

Online Cocktail Making Class

Cocktail making classes always prove to be popular and the beauty of them is, you can easily do them online!

Becoming a master of mixology from the comfort of your home sounds great doesn’t it?! During lockdown, while we powered through several Zoom quizzes, companies were busy making sure there were plenty of ways to enjoy the activities we loved in an online format, and cocktail making is one of the most successful ones! Show your remote employees some love and appreciation with this exciting virtual recognition idea.

Game Remote Adventures

This option allows your team to take on a full Escape Room challenge without even leaving their home.

A dedicated guide will start in the escape room with a live camera and your remote teams will have to figure out how to get them out. They’ll have 60 minutes to complete the challenge and staff can pick up clues in their digital dashboard along the way. You can have up to 8 players per game and they can accommodate groups of up to 500+. It’s a virtual party with a difference, so give your staff something to look forward to and book an escape room.

Send Them an Appreciation Gift Box
Saying thank you on a handwritten note or shout out is still a great form of appreciation that will show your employee the recognition they deserve, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, surprising them with a tangible element, like a gift, will provide a more memorable moment of recognition.

While the kind gesture provides the employee with the warm and bubbly feeling of recognition, expressing gratitude with a gift could elevate their self esteem even further. Gifts work as an aid to make sure they remember that feeling over and over again and never forget that good work will always be supported with recognition and rewards, in other words, they work to show an employee you think their efforts are worth making a big deal over.

Your remote employees work hard all year and it’s now a great opportunity to show some virtual recognition, so why not treat them?

Send them unique gift boxes filled with different goodies to put a smile on their face. HappyCo. offers a huge selection of bespoke gift boxes. Contact us about creating your own appreciation gift or choose from our pre-curated boxes. Options include Bespoke Boxes for employees who enjoy a little bit of luxury , branded gift boxes to help connect your employees to the whole company and snack boxes for those that like to nibble.

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